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The Inle Lake is located in the Shan district in the center of Burma and is sorrounded by beautiful green hills. Intha's are the local people whose lives are centered on this lake--even their name means " sons of the lake". They grow vegetables and flowers on the lake in floating beds of water hyacinth and grasses.

Intha fishermen are the only people in the world who propel their fishing boats by "leg rowing".Their unique "leg rowing" style involves standing at the stern on one leg and wrapping the other leg around the oar, and with a circular motion, propel the boat forward. This "leg rowing" technique gives them a better view of the waterways and makes it easier to locate fish and to navigate around the floating islands. These fishermen also use a conical fishing trap which has a ring holding the net. On spotting the fish, these conical nets are thrust into the lake which helps them catch carp, catfish and eel.

I was privileged to spend several days on a floating hotel on the lake and to photograph the Intha fishermen, the local markets and the various Buddhist temples during my Burma trip in December, 2010.

Leg Rower with the Conical Fishing net

Leg Rower

Sharing a Smoke

Intha Fishermen


Friendly Smoke

Misty Morning

Relaxation at Days End

Leg Rower Intha Fisherman

Buddhist Blessing Ceremony

Buddhist Monks at the Ceremony

Buddhist Pilgrims

Glowing at Sunset

Intha Fisherman


Early Morning at Work

Floating Vendor

Daily Chores

Quiet Sunset

Cleaning the Lake