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The nomadic Kazakhs of Western Mongolia, in the Altai mountain region, have been using Golden Eagles to hunt for many centuries. They train young Eagles to hunt for foxes, rabbits and other small prey to meet their need for warm fur clothings in the cold mountains of Mongolia. Mostly Kazakh men , but also few women, train to be Eagle Hunters as shown in the 2016 movie -The Eagle Huntress-which documented the true life story of Aisholpan— a 13 year old Kazakh teenager who became a champion Eagle Huntress. Nomadic Mongolians are also accomplished horse riders and take great pride in their skills.

These images capture (a) Eagle Hunters practicing for and participating in the annual Eagle Hunting Festival in Uligii, (b) views of their living quarters nomadic tents called (Gers)and (c) views of the harsh but beautiful natural terrain where these nomads live in Mongolia.

Eagle Hunter Bekysh

Eagle in Flight

Eagle's Missed Landing

Proud Eagle Hunter Bekysh

Eagle Hunter at the Uligi Festival

Skilled Horseman at the Festival

Bekysh and son Esenbol riding in Altai Mountains

Displaying his Eagle at the Festival

Eagle Huntress riding to the Festival

Fox skin Tug of War at the Festival

Eagle Huntress Aisholpan--Past Champion

Moment of Rest for the eagle

The Front of the Parade at the Festival

Mongolian Elder at Eagle Hunter Festival

Eagles wrapped in blankets being transported to the Festival

Colorful costume in desolate country side

Bekysh with his mother in their Ger tent

Eagle Huntress in training

Eagle hitting its mark

Eagle and its just caught prey