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This special exhibition of my images was organized by World Affairs Council , a non profit organization, and was displayed at their World Headquarters in San Francisco ( Jan. 24-April 28, 2017).

These images are a collection of photos from my recent travels to Cuba, Guatemala and the Chiapas Region of Mexico. These photographs explore how everyday people incorporate color into their ceremonies, clothing and daily lives in these countries from Central America.

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Former Miss Havana

Dancer at the end of a Rehersal

Muralist at his front door

Fisherman at the Co-op Center

Free Spirit

Artist on a break

Elementary School

Air B&B hosts buying onions

Flower Seller

Tourist Attraction

Daily Life

Building Renovation

Small Town Street

Carrying the Load, Mayan Ixil Woman

Three Friends

Hombre outside a bar

Money in Hand

Tzotzil Mayan Woman

Sea of Blue

Madonna and Child